Won’t this make my dog feel like an under-achiever?

If your life has been lacking enough skateboarding dog then the Nationals have an event for you: “Pups In the Park” will be happening on Saturday, May 14th and followed up with two more in the following months. It’s a promotional event, sponsored by the good folks up at My Pet Needs That, and was adumbrated to target dog owners who can’t think of anything they’d rather do than try to get their pooch to hold still through a three hour game involving men throwing around a ball their dog isn’t allowed to go chase. Participants may don their dog with the gear that they can get from https://dog-gear.com and take part in this fun three-hour activity. And if your furry friend is always feeling anxious around other dogs or people, cbd for dogs might make him calm down.

Think how different that baseball game would be if they were, though. Oh yeah, I’d be down with that.

It wouldn’t be a special event without a famous guest, so for the first event they’ll have Tillman the skateboarding dog. No word on where they’re putting the half-pipe so Tillman can do some ollies.

Subsequent PitP events will happen sans canine Tony Hawk and will be on Saturday, July 9 vs. the Rockies and Saturday September 24 vs. the Braves.

And before you ask, yes: one of the best things about this gig is often the absolutely hysterical press releases we get sent.

Joking aside, Tillman is pretty amazing. You can sooth your appetite till the 14th with a huge selection of videos of him kicking it on a skateboard and a skimboard and a snowboard.

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