Hot Ticket: Weekend Edition

courtesy of Iceage.

There are more live music options than you can count on two hands happening around town and beyond this weekend. To help you cut the chaff, we’ve cooked up some concert recommendations that can’t miss. Read on about four upcoming shows that have the We Love DC stamp of approval!

Earth @ Ottobar (Baltimore)
Friday, June 17th – 8pm

Over the years I’ve covered a lot of post-metal and post-rock bands, but I have never had the opportunity to see one of the bands that kicked off the whole movement until now. Dylan Carlson’s band Earth was doing the whole instrumental metal thing years before anyone else; in fact it is safe to say that it was Earth’s trail-blazing that made the long, drawn-out introspection and ultra-heaviness of post-metal acceptable to a wide audience of listeners. Bands like Pelican, ISIS, and Sunn O))) owe a huge debt to Earth. Driving up BW Parkway to catch this genre-founding act play a rare East Coast show tonight is a no-brainer.

The Feelies @ 9:30 Club
June 18th – 8pm

I am so glad The Feelies are back. I have always wanted to see this influential band of New Jersey post-punks turned elders of power-pop. Their debut album, 1980’s “Crazy Rhythms”, is a truly singular album in that it blends true sonic invention with traditional, upbeat pop sensibilities seamlessly. With passages of sound that keep company with Television or Sonic Youth at their noisiest and others that rival Teenage Fanclub for sheer indie-pop genius, “Crazy Rhythms” is brilliant. The Feelies reunited to celebrate that album’s 25th anniversary a few years ago and have been playing shows periodically ever since. Now with a great new album chock full of pop-gems, The Feelies are coming to town to deliver a show that is sure to be a delight.

Jeremy Messersmith @ DC9
June 19th – 9pm

This pick comes from our newest music writer, Alexia Kauffman.

Check out Jeremy Messersmith this Sunday, July 19th at DC9. Based in Minneapolis, Messersmith plays quiet, melodic indie-pop with a leaning toward the melancholic. There is a definite 60s feel to his tunes, sometimes leaning towards The Zombies, sometimes Simon & Garfunkel, always lovely. Check out his track “Organ Donor” here. Also he will be recording a Tiny Desk Performance on NPR on Monday.

Iceage @ Golden West Cafe (Baltimore)
June 20th – 10:30pm

Right now these guys are my freaking heroes. Not only are they coming all the way from Denmark to spread their dissonant sounds; they are playing for just six bucks! How is that even economically viable for them? How will they eat? Oh right…punk rock!

Remember back in the first half of the aughts when everyone and their brother were drawing inspiration from and mimicking the cold, forensic brilliance of Joy Division? Iceage go in the opposite direction to take their inspiration from the sloppy energy and unhinged sensibility of Warsaw (a/k/a proto-Joy Division). Iceage start where Warsaw left off and then dowse themselves in lo-fi haze to create something really exciting and unique in among their peers. Where most of the lo-fi scene specialize in stoner pranks and sunny sounds, Iceage sound like a group of musical youths passionately resisting the inevitable soul-crush of adulthood with an incredible racket and battle-weary vocals. Their album ‘New Brigade’ is incredible and this show is going to be a stunner. (PS- And it’s only SIX DOLLARS!!!)

Michael splits his free time between defending the little guy and championing the underdog. He has been haunting the concert halls, dive bars, and greasy spoons of DC for the last 16 years. His interests include live rock music, researching obscure military/political conflicts, and good hamburgers. He is a friendly grump, has wisdom beyond his years, and is on a life-long quest to attain music nirvana. Follow him on Twitter if you dare!

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