Borders liquidations start today. Don’t be a sucker.

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Borders closing their doors has been widely reported in the news this week and today’s the start of their complete liquidation. There’s a number of stores to choose from in our area, though none remain within the city itself.

If you decide to go looking for bargains you need to be cautious, at least here in the beginning. It’s no coincidence that the signs say EVERYTHING up to 40% OFF original price. Much stuff isn’t going to be any better than a sale at Barnes&Noble or regular price at Amazon. This is a liquidation being run by a court-approved operation – in this case Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners – with the goal of squeezing as much money out of the shutdown for the creditors as possible.

If you need proof, consider – this is a course of action being taken after an equity firm offered $450,000,000 total to take over Borders and the creditors rejected it. They wouldn’t have done that if they didn’t think they stood a better chance of recouping that much or more from this shutdown.

Personally I’ve stopped going to these sorts of closeouts because they never seem to have good deals. If you do I’d suggest double-checking your assumption that you’re getting a good deal. If you have the right sort of smartphone you can use the Amazon app which will scan barcodes via the camera and show you what they’re going for there.

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