Hot Ticket: The Foo Fighters @ Verizon Center, TONIGHT!

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Local boy done good, Dave Grohl brings his hugely successful band The Foo Fighters back to the DMV tonight to headline a great triple bill at the Verizon Center.

For years the music industry has been saying that straight-ahead Rock music has no place left in the market place performing poorly on the charts and only appearing on the radio in snippets within grotesque multi-genre mutant songs. For Dave Grohl that message has been falling on deaf ears. One of the last champions of straight-forward rock music left on the radio, his band The Foo Fighters has been going strong for 17 years, most recently offering up the fantastic, back-to-basics album “Wasted Light”.

Recorded in a garage with his band-mates and some old pals (most notably Bob Mould*, Butch Vig, and Pat Smear) “Wasted Light” is a collection of barn-burning rock songs that drop all big studio pretense and trickery in a way that recalls the ‘Alternative Rock’ glory days of the early 90’s while also managing to sound amazingly refreshing amidst the current wasteland of crap-radio fare. Not that Grohl and The Foo Fighters needed it, but “Wasted Light” finds the group sounding reinvigorated and I’m expecting them to deliver a blistering rock show tonight.

Grohl is one of the coolest personalities in mainstream rock music. He takes advantage of his success to collaborate with and shine the spotlight on bands and musicians who he personally loves and/or was inspired by. The openers on this show are too cool to have happened by coincidence; I don’t think it is much of a leap to assume that Grohl had something to do with picking American Hardcore legends Social Distortion and on-the-rise, Welsh, noise-pop trio The Joy Formidable as his warm up acts. All told this show is stacked with quality music and is going to make for a fantastic night of rock & roll in the Nation’s Capital.

The Foo Fighters
Social Distortion and The Joy Formidable
@ Verizon Center
Tonight – 7:00pm
$57.50, 47.50, 37.50

* Dear Bob Mould, please be in town and do a guest-spot when they play “Dear Rosemary”.

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