Weekend Flashback: 2/21-2/23

The Weekend Flashback is chock full of photo goodness today you guys. There were so many to choose from, I had a tough time. Go check out the rest of them in the We Love DC photo group. Flickr is free so there’s really no excuse for not creating an account and submitting your own photos to the group. We know you got’em and we wanna see them. Click through for the rest.


Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, Kerrin is a product of Montgomery County public schools and the University of Maryland. A photographer, treehugger, and perpetual retail employee with a swearing problem she’s always up for a good dirty joke or two. When not re-treeing DC with Casey Trees, or honing her passive-aggressive Maryland driving skills on the Beltway, she can be found watching puppy videos on YouTube.


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