Weekend Flashback: 3/7-3/9

How about that Daylight Saving Time, huh? Don’t you just love losing an hour of sleep? Granted if we all went to bed an hour earlier the night before we wouldn’t actually lose any sleep at all but who wants to do that? That would be like giving in and admitting that we all knew DST was coming and had prepared for it or, at the very least, realized that trying to fight it is a waste of time. As a species we have a very hard time seeing things in the long term and as a part of a bigger picture; we don’t care that moving the clock ahead an hour now means daylight until almost 10p.m. this summer. “They’ve made me sleep less! Must rage! Aargh!” I’m sure if we asked all the new parents in town whether they’re upset about losing an hour of sleep we’d get laughed at. Maybe even punched in the face. What does any of this have to do with photos? Not much, but looking at the pretty pictures should take your mind off sleep if only for a few minutes.


Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, Kerrin is a product of Montgomery County public schools and the University of Maryland. A photographer, treehugger, and perpetual retail employee with a swearing problem she’s always up for a good dirty joke or two. When not re-treeing DC with Casey Trees, or honing her passive-aggressive Maryland driving skills on the Beltway, she can be found watching puppy videos on YouTube.


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