Weekend Flashback: 6/27-6/29

Folklife Festival 2014

Folklife Festival 2014 by pablo.raw

Flowers, fireworks and festivals. That sums up the weekend photo submissions to our Flickr pool and will hold probably hold true for the rest of the week.


Untitled by Caroline Angelo

Bethesda Lane

Bethesda Lane by IamJomo

Runner by the Potomac

Runner by the Potomac by Noe Todorovich

DC People and Places 44463

DC People and Places by Ted Eytan


YOLO by nevermindtheend

Busy bee

Busy bee by cruffo

Early fireworks

Early fireworks by Victoria Pickering

Joe Newman

Joe is a recovering journalist who fled the Florida suburbs to work as a media strategist for a DC-based NGO. His goal in life, besides ridding society of the Oxford comma, is to take a year-long photo trek around the world. In the meantime, you can find him wandering the streets of the nation’s capital taking pictures of unsuspecting strangers. He also blogs about photography on the Huffington Post.

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