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Contention BNCA meeting results in support for 901 Monroe Development


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Last night’s marathon meeting of the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association was the most well-attended meeting in years, and the reason was clear: passions are running high in the neighborhood over the 901 Monroe Street proposed development. The project, proposed at 61-feet with a C-2-B zoning is very controversial in the neighborhood over what some see as an encroachment on Brookland’s planned design. Approximately 120 members met in the Turkey Thicket Rec Center in Ward 5 to discuss the project, and to help the BNCA decide their position ahead of ANC5A and Zoning Commission hearings that will decide the project’s fate come January.

Each member of the Civic Association, which draws its membership from both residents and businesses in the Ward 5 neighborhood, was permitted a minute to support or oppose the project in front of the audience. Most of the members kept their comments polite and clear, and in the end, a 51-49 vote resulted in the BNCA being bound to support the development.

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