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Amanda Palmer at the State Theater

Photo courtesy of Me

Amanda Palmer at State-0736, courtesy of Me

I had the good fortune to get to see and shoot Amanda Palmer last night.

Let me clarify – shoot as in take pictures of her. I am not the person Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Let me also save you Gaiman-heads the trouble: No, he was either not there or not in evidence. Palmer’s dad was, however – he lives in the area and sings with the National Cathedral, according to the now-defunct Blade. Palmer did a duet of a Leonard Cohen song with him during the encore, something that’s become a tradition when she plays in the area.

The show was great and I’m becoming more and more fond of the State Theater as a venue. The management is relaxed and courteous, the sound’s good and the on-tap beer selection above average. More pictures after the jump.

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