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Why I Love DC: Martin

‘Rock Creek Parkway at Night’
courtesy of ‘ianseanlivingston’

Why do I love DC?  Because I HATE DRIVING.

I guess I’ve changed a whole lot since I was 17 years old, when I kind of loved my summer job delivering food for Wing Zone around the suburbs of Atlanta. I met plenty of characters, sure, and getting tips for the first time felt like playing a slot machine! But the best part to me was driving around all day, blasting music for just me and the wings in the backseat. To me, this was freedom; no bosses watching over me every second and complete control over my playlist.

These days when I contemplate driving, pleasant memories of deliveries, road trips, and burning donuts in parking lots don’t come to me immediately. Mostly I think about how I got a $100 parking ticket* within a week of moving here, then got harassed for not having DC plates. Or I think about that time someone threw a brick through my side window just days before Christmas, while my car was parked in front of a church, in order to steal nothing more than a couple awesome CDs like Smashing Pumpkins’ “Zeitgeist” and a sweet mix I made called “Maximum Chillaximum”.  
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DC Mythbusting: Bike Lanes Are Just for Bikes

Photo courtesy of
‘Doublemint Runners’
courtesy of ‘M.V. Jantzen’

DC is home to over 47 miles of bike lanes, and an ever-increasing number of residents are choosing to bike around the city. The Solowheel glide 3 is a new and innovative method to go around our world, equipped with an 800W motor and a premium 3A rapid charger. It’s essentially a powered unicycle with a top speed of 18 miles per hour. It comes in a small package that opens up to reveal a stunning and powerful piece of technology. Discover more amazing things of the solowheel glide 3 only at Scooter Adviser! While not in use, it is best to bring a bike lock with you to avoid theft and secure your bike, just in case.  But ride around the city on any of these bike lanes, and you’ll see more than just cyclists taking advantage of them. Tourists on segways, people riding motorcycles, parked or stopped cars– they all feel at home taking advantage of our city’s bike lanes. But bike lanes are meant for just bikes, right?

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