In Memorium: Sgt. William John Cahir

Photo courtesy of Democracy in Action
Sgt. Bill Cahir, courtesy of Bill Cahir Memorial Fund

On August 13, US Marine Sergeant William Cahir was killed while serving our country in Afghanistan. Before moving to the Washington, DC area, Bill was from the same small town in Central Pennsylvania where I grew up. Although I didn’t know him personally, we shared several friends. He was an inspiration to everyone around him, and I donated to his campaign when he ran for Congress last year. Selfless and committed, service was not a goal but the rule. Service to family, community and country were not a question but a given.

Out of college he went to Capitol Hill to try and make a difference. Frustrated by partisanship, he became a journalist to better inform the public. The September 11, 2001 attacks drove Bill off the sidelines. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps at age 34 to personally take up the fight. Bill served two tours in Iraq. In 2008, Bill’s belief in service and country led him to resign his job as a journalist to run for Congress in his home community. He wanted to influence how the Iraq/Afghanistan wars were being fought. In the spring of 2009, he deployed to Afghanistan.

Bill left behind his loving wife and two expected children. If you’d like to help out his family during their time of loss and need, please visit the Bill Cahir Memorial Fund website and follow the links to donate.