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She Loves DC: LiLu

(Photo courtesy: LiLu)

If you write a blog in this city then you should already know who LiLu of Livit, Luvit. If you don’t, you probably do but don’t know it yet. She was an organizer for the Bloggerational Ball when Obama won the White House; an editor for DC Blogs; and a part of the team over at 20 Something Bloggers.

When I first moved to the DC area and was looking for local blogs to read, I noticed that this “South-i-fied Masshole” frequented the blog rolls of most of the blogs I stumbled upon. Clearly this was one blogger I had to meet. I would later have the pleasure of meeting her at a BBQ and experience the monthly happy hours she puts on for other local bloggers.

Now she’s out to take her social media skills to a national stage. Recently Lilu was named one of 20 candidates to become MTV’s first ever TJ, or Twitter Jockey. Not only is MTV stepping it up in the social media realm, but they are continuing their tradition of straying away from playing actual music videos- who needs a Video Jockey when you can have a Twitter Jockey?

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Interviews, People, The Features

A We Love DC Interview: ArchitectDesign

Image Credit: National City, Stefan Hurray of ArchitectDesign

D.C. is home to its share of blogs and bloggers, and our passions cover a wide range of topics.  Residential architect, Stefan Hurray of ArchitectDesign focuses his writing on architecture, design, and travel – often times, sharing with loyal readers some of the inspiration he finds in his very own backyard (i.e. Logan Circle). recently shared with me his passion for architecture, design, and of course, D.C.

We Love DC: What is ArchitectDesign?

Stefan Hurray: A visual diary of places I find inspiring. It might be something I’ve visited myself or the occasional magazine story.

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