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Panic and vigilante behavior now easier than ever

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WaPo reports that the D.C. police department has pushed out an upgrade to the online tool for scrutinizing the sex offender database. Now the tool has even greater granularity, allowing people to search for every single registered offender within a 0.25 mile radius of a given address, an upgrade from the previous system which required someone searching to know what police service area they were in.

WaPo erroneously claims that the database does not list what crime they were convicted of, but clicking through to the “more details” page includes that information. That page also states “Abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate, harass, or harm registered sex offenders, their families, or their property will not be tolerated and is subject to prosecution” which no doubt explains why the offender’s picture and work address is prominently displayed in the main grid but not their offense or how long ago it was.