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Blatant Misspellings on Bus Stops Across Town

For the past several weeks, I keep thinking I see street names misspelled on bus shelters across the city, but I haven’t had proof… until now.  I finally whipped out my iPhone in time to catch this one at “Connecticutt Av & Dupont Circ NW”.  I’ve seen this misspelling of Connecticut Avenue at multiple places across town, including in Chevy Chase (one sign, at Connecticut Avenue and McKinley Street, had two misspellings– “Conecticutt” and “Mckinley”– and was eventually taken down).

My question here is, who is making this mistake repeatedly?  Clearly someone can’t spell Connecticut, but why is there no quality control before these things are installed?

While WMATA manages the bus stops, I believe they are property of ClearChannel, but I’m not sure who keeps putting up misspelled signs.  Anyone know?  I’d love to figure out who let this happen. WMATA has confirmed that they’re responsible for the bus stops and bus shelters.

Large image of the offending sign after the jump.

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