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Not So Car-Free Today

12th Street Corridor
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One of the big drawbacks of my job is that I can’t rely on Metro or the Bus to handle every place I need to go. So, for me, despite my desire to be car-free, I just can’t make it happen. And, judging by the traffic reports this morning, I’m far from alone. Hopefully, though, many were able to take public transit this morning, or carpool with friends to make it all work out.

For those who did make an effort to leave their wheels at home today, check out the Car-Free Festival on F St NW between 7th and 9th streets over by the National Gallery. You can’t miss the big balloon arches, and you can check out the new rent-shared bicycles that we love to hate so much.

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Coming Celebrations of City Cycling

Next week we are going to have my two favorite celebrations of bicycle power in Washington DC:

First up, we have Car Free Day on Monday, September 22, where people from around the world celebrate a day free from the shackles of the automobile. Around here, we have many options to be Car Free DC, and I choose the bicycle.

Next, you can choose to join me in taking over the city next Saturday, September 27th, with the return of Bike DC – a noncompetitive, community bike ride through 17 car-free miles of Washington, DC. Organized by WABA, it’s an amazing experience – entire city streets filled with bicycles. This year both Pennsylvania Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue will be bike-only. But be careful how enthusiastic you get – Bike DC was how I became a triathlete.

Either way I dare say you should join me in a pedal-powered city of cycling!