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You Could Be On HGTV!

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HGTV‘s “My First Sale” is casting in the DC-area!

The show runs in prime time on national TV and is looking for “motivated, first time sellers who are excited about sharing their story on television”.  Candidates must be “financially candid” and willing to share with America all the stress (and joy) that goes into selling residential real estate during a depressed economy.

And if getting your 15-minutes of fame isn’t prize enough, compensation for airing all of your dirty laundry on national TV is a DVD copy of the episode.

If you are interested – please, please apply!  I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening than watching you try and sell and your place.  No seriously, I really can’t.

For more information, or for an application, contact Sami Hartman at shartman{at}

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Real World Casting in DC

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‘MTV’s “Real World” House in DC for 2010’
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It looks like MTV and the Real World just couldn’t get enough of DC.  Even though the cast may have left town, Real World producers are coming back to DC to look for the next stars of the 24th (!) season. The District is the last stop on their tour, so if you’ve always wanted to be one of the seven strangers picked to live in a loft (and you’re 18-24), now is your chance! An open casting call will be held at Town Tavern in Adams Morgan on Saturday, November 7th from 10-5.  Come with a recent photo and an ID.  And if you can’t make it Saturday, you can always send in a five-minute casting tape.