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FREE FOOD ALERT: Chick-fil-A Free Fryday

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Get ready for a little Friday pick-me-up, folks. Chick-fil-A’s throughout the metro region will be giving free fries with your order this friday, March 4th. The “Free FryDay” is in honor of the Heinz Dip & Squeeze ketchup packets. All you have to do is mention either the ketchup packets or Free FryDay between 2 and 4 pm to get yourself some free medium waffle fries. I believe this is what Charlie Sheen would refer to as “winning.”

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It’s Like Winning the Lottery… of Chicken

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‘Chik-fil-a cravings must be dealt with’
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What would you do for a year’s worth of Chik-fil-A?  Would you camp out in this heat for two nights?  Well that’s just what hundreds of people did in Silver Spring since Tuesday.  The Washington Post reports that a new Chik-fil-A store opened today, and it attracted legions of fans for its “First 100” promotion.  The first 100 people in line got 52 coupons for free combo meals.

These people aren’t just your typical area college students that have nothing better to do with their time, they’re actual functional members of society who traveled for hours to attend the opening.  In fact, the article quotes one fan who has been to 56 of these “First 100” openings– meaning she has earned a total of 2,912 coupons for free meals at Chick-fil-A. Continue reading