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DC Mythbusting: Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

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‘Christmas in Washington – 090’
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Welcome to a holiday edition of Mythbusting! This week we’ll be figuring out exactly what is going on with the Christmas trees in DC. How many National Christmas Trees are there? There’s the one outside the Capitol and the one outside the White House, but are there more “official” Christmas trees in our federal city?

Yes, there are! There are three official national trees in our fair city: the Capitol Christmas Tree in front of the Capitol. the National Christmas Tree near the ellipse at the White House, and the White House Christmas Tree inside the Blue Room of the White House. Read on to find out the difference between these trees, where they came from this year, and which one is a DC native!

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Oh, Eco-Christmas Tree

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‘The So-soes: Chrismas Tree’
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Is it possible to make a tree more eco-friendly? Yes! A local organic farmer is growing Christmas trees without herbicides or pesticides, or artificial color sprays (wow, I never knew that color wasn’t real).

You can pick one up for $30 to $125, about what you’d find at the corner lot. For the greenest option, check out a live tree you can replant after the holidays (they’ll dig it or you can). Or choose a Colorado blue spruce, Douglas fir, Con-color fir, white pine, Canaan fir, or Charlie Brown tree that just needs love. Wreaths and roping are available, too. Want to give a tree to a teacher, limited-income family or community worker? You can get a discount.

Find yours at the Adams Morgan farmers market on Saturdays until Dec. 19, come to the farm, or arrange to pick it up in Takoma Park (twice weekly until Christmas). To order, call 301-587-2248 or email