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American Leading at Halftime

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The hopes were not high for American, seeded at #14, and up against NCAA
Powerhouse #3 Villanova, but here they are, exceeding expectations massively. Halfway through their first round game, they’re up on ‘Nova 41-31. I’m going to repeat that, because it’s not a typo: American is beating Villanova by ten at the half. Tell your friends. Cinderella’s bucking for a night on the town.

Update: Ten minutes remain and they’re still up by 8. Hang tight, Eagles!

Update 2: Three minutes to go, and now AU is down by 5. Time to get back in the game, Eagles! Gotta make it count!

Update 3: And it’s over. AU can’t hold on to a halftime lead, and goes down in the first round.