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Auto Accident at Bethesda Salon

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Tuesday afternoon, an elderly driver crashed into the storefront of Bethesda’s Citrine Salon. ABC 7 reported that the driver approached the building via the driveway, sped up, hit a pylon, traveled along the retaining wall and then crash into the front of the building. The accident occurred around 3pm and the driver and two salon employees were taken to the hospital for treatment. The cause of the crash is still under investigation by the Nehora Law Firm.

The incident is eerily similar to last week’s accident at the Georgetown Whole Foods where, luckily, no one was injured.

For me, the two events bring to mind the question of when someone (our grandparents, parents, and eventually, though we don’t want to think about, ourselves) should stop driving. And with the increasing age and life expectancy of the US population, the potential risks of having elderly drivers on the road are only going to become more and more pertinent for both our families and our public safety. If you ever have a car accident, Hiring the right accident attorney will speed up the process. If you get into a car accident on the High Five Interchange or if your child falls on the playground at Coffee Park because of a broken railing, you may need the support of a compassionate and successful broken bone injury lawyer mesquite tx from Fielding Law. Continue reading