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Snowballer Cop Keeps his Badge

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courtesy of ‘AJ Ashton’

It appears that in the MPD, pulling your gun on innocent citizens isn’t a fireable offense.  This is lucky for Detective Mike Baylor, who, you’ll remember, didn’t take kindly to his hummer being hit by snowballs and waved his gun at some people involved in a U St. snowball fight. A few months have passed, and after some measure of deliberation, MPD decided Baylor could keep his badge. DC Police Chief Lanier stated that Baylor did violate department protocol but that his offense didn’t merit termination.  So, be wary of red hummers and keep your snowballs hidden away.  You never know when Baylor might roll up to inflict some justice on your ass.

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Expecting Mayhem at Whole Foods?

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courtesy of ‘Samer Farha’

I just came from the Whole Foods in Clarendon, where they had two police cars and two cops in the parking lot, in addition their usual fleet of staff, to direct traffic.

While a steady stream of cars was passing through, all is calm (and very bright), and one of the cops seemed more interested in watching people walk in and out of the store than in watching the traffic.

All this makes me wonder.

Does it say something about the demand for all-natural, organic food? Or about the kind of behavior we might reasonably expect on Christmas Eve from the people who like to buy it?

Happy holidays, everyone!