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Cyclists, Mark Your Calendars

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‘Busy Bike Lane’
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Tony Kornheiser may hate us, but cyclists should get excited about three major biking events coming this spring:

WABA has announced that Bike to Work Day will be May 21 this year, so get excited for pit stops and commuter convoys on your way to work!

Bike DC, the annual event in which major DC and Arlington roads are closed to cars to allow cyclists to rule the road, will be held two days later on May 23.

Finally, the Air Force Classic Crystal City Ride will close streets in Crystal City on June 13, so cyclists of all abilities can bike around Arlington on car-free streets.

Talkin' Transit

Questioning Ghost Bike Barricades

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As a cyclist, I have two minds about the Alice Swanson Memorial that WABA organized.

On one hand, I do see it as a way to remind drivers and cyclists that we all need to share the road and respect each other a bit more, no matter our presumed importance or right of way.

On the other, doesn’t this memorial itself present a danger to cyclist and motorist alike? Pretty soon, this will become yet another obstruction on the sidewalk, no matter its good intentions, and by diverting pedestrians into the street, it will cause cyclist and driver alike to quickly swerve into each others’ path.

Might there be a better way to remind us of the dangers of metal vs. human? Maybe a painted chalk outline of a cyclist on pavement or a rumble strip shaped like a bike?

I for one, would rather have dedicated bike lanes instead of a dedicated ghost bikes.