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Halls Of Fame @ DC Design Center

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If you have never entered the DC Design Center I would highly recommend that you remedy that, especially to check out the 2010 Halls of Fame Design House

Every Spring and Fall the Design Center invites local designers to showcase their work in the design house by placing their aesthetic mark on a room, and currently the Design Center is featuring an elite eight.   The eight designers featured are Frank Babb Randolph, Kelley Proxmire, Victor Shargai, David Herchik & RichardLoomin, Rita St. Clair, Nestor Santa-Cruz, Michael Roberson, and Olivia Demetriou Adamstein.

Each room is completely different, reflecting every designer’s personal style and vision.  A perfect way to find some inspiration!

The 2010 Halls of Fame Design House will be open till December 11, 2010.

Admission is free and open to the public.