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Nothing Like The Smell of Chlorine in the Morning…

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Our friends over at Prince of Petworth recently asked the question “Why does a swimming pool come out of my faucet?” and an anonymous commenter delivered the news: From February 1st until May 17th, DC WASA changed the disinfectant used in its water treatment process from chloarmine (NH2Cl) to chlorine.

Chloramine is used for most of the year because it is far more stable than free chlorine and lacks the smell of chlorine. Chloramine is toxic to certain animals (e.g. fish) and is one of the reasons you need to age the water a few days or use product to make it safe. However, Chloramine is not as effective at sanitizing as free Chlorine. So WASA is effectively shocking the system.

You can read the DC WASA press release for more info

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Here’s Sodium Hypochlorite In Your Water

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According to a NewsChannel8 report, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be swapping out the chlorine gas currently used to disinfectant 180 gallons of DC water for a liquid form of chlorine called sodium hypochlorite, more commonly known as bleach.

The main reason for the switch out is that sodium hypochlorite is safer to transport, store, and use, and therefore helps avoid the release of chlorine gas by accident or potentially by acts of terrorism.

The switch, schedule to begin next month, should not effect the taste or smell of the water supply, which currently flows to 1 million DC residents.