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342/365 – diego’s by dracisk

Thanks to the cruelty of genetics, my head has less and less hair on it as time goes on, and I wonder why I keep paying someone to cut it.  I could use the clippers that I have and save twenty bucks by switching to a DIY cut, but my love for nostalgia keeps bringing me back to Diego’s.  It reminds me of when my dad and I used to go to the barber shop together when I was a kid, and is a tradition that I’ll pass on to my unborn sons.  In today’s world of grimy lawyers and social media consultants, professions that specialize in manipulating words and air, it’s nice to see someone still using their hands, creating a sense of community, and being a bright spot in peoples’ day.  One day Diego will be gone, but thanks to this photo his life and the lives that he’s touched are frozen in time forever.

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Legends of DC: Diego D’Ambrosio

Jack Evans, Diego’s Wife, and Mayor Fenty by Max Cook

About five years ago, shortly after I moved to DC from Philadelphia, I was in search of a place to get a haircut as everyone does when they move to a new city.  Those of you who know me are aware that it doesn’t require a great deal of effort to cut my hair, just some electric clippers and a straight blade.  But as a kid, my dad and I went to the same barber for years, and despite not having as much hair as I did when I was eight years old, it’s a tradition that I still enjoy today.  As a resident of Dupont Circle, it didn’t take me long to stumble upon Diego’s Hair Salon at 19th & Q Street NW.  Little did I know that I’d stumbled upon one of DC’s legends.

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