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New Green Meetup Tonight

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This just in: a fun idea for escaping tonight’s spring showers.

There’s an inaugural networking event tonight for The DC Green Connection at DC Bread & Brew near Dupont Circle, 1247 20th St. NW, from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

It’ll feature a short talk on Mayor Fenty’s new Green DC agenda, thoughts on what being a green restaurant means, and the chance to try a new organic vodka line. Appetizers and drink specials are part of it too, all for $10 worth of green.

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The Rise of the Mocktail

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I’m not sure if ya’ll knew this or not, but WLDC author Jenn is so wise. Every trend that girl has predicted lately has come true, and she was certainly right on the uptick of the mocktail – the non-alcoholic cocktail. Because going to the bar and drinking soda is boring, and you certainly don’t have a fun glass to feel fabulous holding. Sometimes you just don’t want to drink liquor but you want something tasty and creative. Enter: Natalie Bovis-Nelsen Continue reading

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We Love Drinks: The Majestic


Earlier this winter WLDC Author Jasmine, along with another friend and I, headed out for a ladies night in Old Town. We made our way down King Street, and wound up at The Majestic where we snagged a seat at the bar and sipped some very classy cocktails.

The cocktail menu boasts, “Our cocktails are made with fresh ingredients and take a bit more time than most. Thank you for your patience. We promise they are worth the wait!” Having a front row seat to the two mixologists behind the bar, the menu isn’t joking. They bartenders pick fresh mint out of a large bundle and hand crush it carefully for the Mint Julep. Decorative twists are done one at a time, fresh for each cocktail. I was smitten, each drink is incredibly labor intensive, and the longer we sat there, the more impressed I became. Continue reading

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We Love Drinks: Equinox’s Cider Happy Hour

Equinox Cider Happy Hour by RSchley

Equinox Cider Happy Hour by RSchley

The Oct. 22nd edition of the Dining Out email from Washingtonian had a tip about a happy hour that sounded like a November dream – Fall Cider Happy Hour at Equinox. Yum! I do love me some cider. And my partner in crime for happy hour, Rebecca, loves herself some fall. Fall is well known as her favorite season.  So we decided this would be the perfect treat and headed over last Friday for “hard cider cocktails and complimentary snacks”.

Now, the first thing to note is that these Fall Cider Hours only happen on Fridays. And only between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., and only until December 19th. (Then, rumor has it, the theme changes to chocolate! YES! Jenn, wanna set a date?) So if you’re looking to get yourself some “fall in a glass” (as Rebecca says), then scoot on over!

So we arrived around 6 p.m.-ish and the place was packed. So packed that we almost turned around again and headed for the door. But we were stopped by a bartender who practically forced us to stay, and took our coats and bags and put them in the check room. Which was fabulous, really, for those of us who hate to tote around all our gear while we drink. He gave us a menu and promised us he’d be back. And then the free food started coming around – we were handed some sort of glorious crispy spring roll type thing. My apologies for not knowing exactly what it was. But it was seriously good food. I was hoping the drinks would live up. Continue reading