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ChurchKey and Eat Wonky Bring You Wonky Tots

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‘wonky dog @ Eat Wonky truck- Washington, DC’
courtesy of ‘Plantains & Kimchi’

Sometimes you find yourself remembering two different dishes you’ve eaten and think to yourself, “If only there was a way to combine both of these dishes.” Wanting the flavors of two dishes to dance upon your tongue doesn’t necessarily make you greedy. So I was happy to see that two of the tasty foods I’ve eaten are coming together this week in the form of Wonky Tots.

ChurchKey’s tater tots from chef Kyle Bailey are teaming up with Eat Wonky’s squeaky cheese and gravy. It’s poutine 2.0 with tots.

You can get the wonky tots this week only from Eat Wonky, but there are just 20 orders available per lunch shift. In other words: hurry. You can stalk the truck’s location @eatwonky or @churchkeydc.