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DC Area Local Election Results

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This is one of the most contested and followed mid-terms in recent memory. But as much as people around the country might be glued to their TV’s to see what’s going to happen in the House (goes Republican) and Senate (most likely stays Dems), we don’t really have all that many contested major races in our area. And of course, what with DC’s 600,000+ residents being continually treated as second class citizens and denied their right to voting representation despite the requirement that we pay federal income taxes, DC certainly has no big contested races in the House or Senate (hahahahahaha. DC having a Senator. That’s a good one).

What we do have though are two local races which garnered more attention than others. Not just because they were both supposed to be contested, but also because they have resulted in an absolute onslaught of non-stop negative campaign advertisements. But let’s get on with it.

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Working the Polls: The Big Day

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You read part one, right?

I’m not sure I’m prepared to say “I woke up on the morning of the 4th” because I was up at 4 am, an hour of the day best suited for garbage-eating raccoons and Paris Hilton. 4am is not an hour for civilized people. 4am is not morning, it’s pre-morning. However if you expect to get up, shower, and be at the polling place at 5am that’s the time you set on your alarm.

I felt marginally bad about my mental grumblings when I showed up at 5 on the dot and discovered half a dozen people already in line, waiting for the polls to open at 6. For a moment I stopped and stood with them because I assumed they were other workers, waiting for the doors to be unlocked. Once I realized my mistake I went in and joined the ten other people already inside. Continue reading

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Working the Polls: Getting started

Polling Place Sign

Voting Place Sign, by Jonathan

Insert your own lame stripper pole joke here. I’ve heard a dozen and I’m over it.

When the chatter started up that this election would have the largest turnout ever, I started to think that perhaps I should volunteer my time. Part of my benefits package as a Virginia state employee includes 16 hours of volunteer leave, which I can use towards any worthy endeavor. Given that advantage over other folks who might have resistant employers I felt like I was somewhat obligated.

So I volunteered to be an elections officer and Arlington County took me up on the offer. Let me tell you about it. Continue reading

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We Love Lost Lunch Lists

Lost Lunch List

Just not on election day. It’s a fine day for the list of sandwiches for people in line to go flying out of your coworker’s hand, isn’t it? It’s not enough that you had to spend your lunch hour(s) in long lines, but on top of it the person who made the food run screwed the pooch.

Did you actually get proper sustenance today or were you stuck in line with a bunch of other grumpy, hungry people?

Regardless, at least you did your civic duty. For that I thank you.

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Another Angry White Male for Obama

Uh okay Originally uploaded by carlweaver

I didn’t know what to say when I saw this bumper sticker. I am all for political and personal expression, especially if it means do-it-yourself bumper stickers. However, it just looks a little funny for some reason. I find it hard to take this one seriously. If this were my car I might omit the angry white male part, although I suppose the term fits.

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