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10 Trapped in the Woodley Park Metro Elevator

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‘Woodley Park Metro Station’
courtesy of ‘Mieko Yamaguchi’

Well, this sounds like my worst nightmare. The Washington Post is reporting that ten people were trapped inside the Woodley Park Metro station elevator for about an hour and a half this afternoon.  NBC reports that six adults and four children were on board, and one baby suffered respiratory problems.

Anyway, the good news is that everyone was rescued around 4 PM, and everyone is expected to be fine.  I’m going to try to pretend this never happened, as I already have an irrational fear of getting trapped in an elevator, and getting stuck in a super-deep one in a Metro station sounds terrifying.

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Bra on Metro Elevator
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Someone must have partied especially hard in the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro elevator on Saturday afternoon, as evidenced by this bra left on the trash-strewn elevator floor. I’d have picked it up (hey, free bra) but it was a bit damp and muddy, and not my cup size anyway.