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Photos: Fall Colors of DC

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Other favorites include winter (when there’s lots of snow), spring (when it’s not raining), and summer (when it doesn’t feel like a sweaty armpit). One of the main reasons is because of the amazing rainbow of colors that appear when the trees and shrubs decide it’s time to go dormant for the winter. The bright scarlet of the red maples, the golden yellow of the ashes, the muddy burgundy of the oaks, the vibrant orange of beeches, and the dark red to purple of the dogwoods. Taking pictures during this is sure to give you some fond memories in the form of photos. You can print them into photo albums or books via Autumn just brings the best emotions in a moment. For those looking to increase the local tree canopy now is also a really good time to plant trees as they’re able to withstand being uprooted while dormant.

In honor of the season, and because so many of you submitted your colorful photos to out Flickr group, let’s take a look at what Fall in DC has to offer. Continue reading

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Photo courtesy of
‘Leafy Vines’
courtesy of ‘caroline.angelo’

A nice Fall, leaf picture; what more could one ask for? Well, I guess I could say more. Not only do the light reds and yellows of the leaves compliment the strong red of the brick wall, but the dark color of the window nicely interrupts the lines of the wall, brick pavement, and vines. Further, when you look at the picture, you start to notice that all the leaves are pointing down, as if the shot was taken between gusts of wind. And you start waiting for the next gust, to start moving these leaves. Back to the lines of the vines; going from bare to leafy, left to right, adds a fascinating depth to the shot. Not so simple of a shot, now is it?

Yep, caroline.angelo certainly captured a perfect Fall scene. It really makes you miss those wonderful colors.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

holding onto fall by NCinDC

It’s that time of year again, DC.  By now you’ve probably shut down your a/c, cleared the cobwebs out of your furnace, and added an extra blanket or two to your bed.  There may be a few precious nights of leaving your windows open, but soon it will be too cold, especially if you’re of the female variety who gets chilly in July.  You know who you are.  It’s a great time to take a road trip out to Maryland or Virginia to check out the fall colors because soon a gust of wind will come along and poof – they’ll all be gone.

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Featured Photo, Getaways

Featured Photo

A River Runs Through It by Brian Knight

Fact: I love DC.

Fact: I love this photo that was taken in Harpers Ferry.

Fact: Harper’s Ferry is in West Virginia, not in DC.

Can’t we all just get along?

I’ve been to Harpers Ferry a few times since I moved to DC a few years ago.  It’s only about an hour drive outside of the city, and a scenic one at that.  You pass fields of wildflowers, quaint little towns, and pumpkin patches along the way, as well as a bunch of Taco Bells which is an added bonus. Continue reading