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It’s Chili Inside, It’s Chili Outside

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‘Every Food Fits – It’s Gettin’ Chili in Here!’
courtesy of ‘staceyviera’

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I found this morning’s weather pretty chilly. Yeah…the forecast calls for a high of 70, but today’s upper 50s commute was brisk.  Not that I’m complaining–I love the fall–but come on weather gods! Give us a heads up and don’t make it blazingly hot one day and then brisk and chilly the next.  It’s just not fair!

The chilly weather also brings to mind recipes for…wait for it…chili.  The piping hot, spicy, hearty dish is the perfect fall, football-season fare. The best part of chili is that everyone seems to have their own special recipe, serving style (with cornbread, on a hotdog, with rice, in a breadbowl, etc.) and desired spice level.  Personally, I like mine with cornbread and on the mildly spicy, bourbon BBQ sweet side. What’s yours?