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Back to School, For Free This Time

Photo courtesy of andradeXcobain
School’s Out
courtesy of andradeXcobain

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to hem jeans, or read Shakespeare, or just explore something new, Knowledge Commons DC might be able to help. KCDC is DC’s floating school, where locals meet all over the city to learn something new for free. They offer sessions once every quarter, including June. This month, they’re also celebrating a year of free education in the city.

DC’s floating school is by no means the only one in the US; but it’s fairly distinct because it doesn’t try to cater to a specific audience of, say, artists or entrepreneurs. The course offerings tend to be more diverse and attract a wider range of people. I, for one, was surprised to see a course discussing human rights awareness listed right next to courses on remixing and office gardening. Now if only we could combine the three…

June’s session is underway, and spots are still available in some of the classes. The instructors will teach you just about anything; but if there’s something missing from the list that you know how to do, you can propose to instruct a course of your own for the next session.

KCDC courses take place in public spaces all over DC, from Metro cars to parks and plazas. See individual course listings for more info.