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Breakfast at National

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‘American troops patrolling poppy fields in Afghanistan’
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We’re headed out of the area for a week or so, and instead of our usual trek out to Dulles to go Virgin or JetBlue across America, we’re at National this morning, flying to Phoenix on the way to our final destination. It’s been a while since I’ve flown out of good old DCA, as I tend to prefer the shiny new carriers instead of the old hub-and-spoke monstrosities, but some airfares can’t be ignored, and here we are at Gate 39. Right across from us, though, is the best reason to fly out of National’s US Airways C terminal: Five Guys. For Breakfast. Sure, you’ve had their beautiful burgers, but they also do breakfast at their airport restaurants (and yes, I recognize there’s one at IAD, too), which now includes DCA. Actual eggs fried on the griddle, actual bacon fried on the griddle, and nothing that was flash frozen last week! Sign me up.

What makes it extra special? The heroin. I swear there’s some in every sandwich. As the last line worker reaches out of sight to trigger the buzzing coaster alerting me to the order, I’m certain there much be something to make these taste extra delicious. No, it’s not the healthiest option, but it’s probably the only breakfast that was actually made to order at DCA. That’s worth considering.