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De-Frost Fridays

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‘58.365 – History in the making.’
courtesy of ‘josh.liba’

The Phillips Collection is hosting a new event called De-Frost Fridays.  When you purchase admission to see Georgia O’Keeffe Abstraction on a Friday this winter, you will also get free cup of spicy southwestern hot chocolate by FoodArts in the Phillips Cafe.  De-Frost Fridays will continue now through March 19th between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM. Hot chocolate, inspiring art, and a place to warm up during this frigid DC winter; I’m so there.

The Phillips Collection is located at 1600 21st. NW.

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Picks For Best Hot Chocolate In DC

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‘”Rita Hayworth” Hot Chocolate’
courtesy of ‘Jenn Larsen’

This week is the perfect temperature. Chilly and brisk without being completely hunker-down cold. It’s the ideal weather for taking a stroll with a hot drink in hand or sitting in the window of a shop sipping on out of a mug. Which got me to thinking – where can you find some unique hot chocolate in DC? None of that Starbucks generic mix, but some original, interesting mugs of the good stuff. Here are a few of my top suggestions. Continue reading

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We Love Drinks: ACKC

"Audrey Hepburn" Hot Chocolate

When did it suddenly become autumn? Leaves need raking, boots need polishing, and I’m craving hot chocolate. Granted, our recent cold snap has given way to positively spring-like temperatures, but that’s typical DC fall for you… it isn’t going to stop me indulging in my favorite seasonal drink.

ACKC is a dangerous little shop and cafe at 14th & Q NW that could cause chocoholics to go into palpitations. Lacking a serious sweet tooth (more like a deer with a salt lick), I can enter without too much concern about breaking the bank on artisan chocolates, though bars with almonds and sea salt sure are tempting. And then again, now through February’s end, I do go crazy for hot chocolate. I don’t know why, maybe it’s when the weather turns dreary, the melancholy of the impending chill, but there’s something innately comforting about the magical liquid.

My favorite at ACKC is their European-style “Audrey Hepburn” – utterly decadent, thick and rich, meant to be sipped and savored over an hour – solo or easily coating a buttery croissant, if you want to go crazy dunking a pastry (and you know you do). Continue reading