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Virginia Trafficking in Absurdity

Bear with me for a little exercise.

  • - Expired registration. Hell, *no* registration.
  • - Impeding the flow of traffic.
  • - Fail to obey traffic lights. Fail to obey a stop sign.
  • - Evasion of a “traffic control” device (road cones, barriers, etc).
  • - Fail to give full time & attention (texting, anyone?)
  • - Fail to drive on right side of highway. (?!)
  • - Speeding 20 MPH above the limit…in a school zone.

If you answered, “easy! They’re moving violations” you would be correct, but uninteresting.

If you answered, “well, thanks to the nanny state anti-sprawl dirty hippie activists in the Commonwealth of Virginia, those are all moving violations with smaller (in some cases considerably so) fines than the first violation of the HOV rules because traffic is clearly an end-times apocalyptic crisis and the social engineering of how many passengers you have in your car is sacrosanct”, you would be absolutely on the mark.