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Tuesday Morning Humor

heat and humidity

With hot and humid weather this whole week, and temperatures consistently in the 90s, the weather is absolutely miserable.  But Flickr user fuffer just made my morning with this lovely drawing.  Sure, it’s only Tuesday, there’s crazy traffic in the city, and the weather may actually be driving people to kill, but this has to make you smile a little bit.

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Despite How it Feels, DC Not a Swamp

Photo courtesy of
‘little loudmouth’
courtesy of ‘philliefan99′

As we enter into a weekend that will be extremely hot and humid, I just figured I’d remind everyone that we busted the myth that DC is a swamp last year.  Yes, it’s really muggy and gross here this time of year, but we don’t have it that bad– we’re not even on the list of the 101 cities with the highest average humidity.  So when you hear the tourists complaining this weekend about our lovely city being built on a swamp, set them straight.  And tell them to schedule their next family vacation to the District in the spring or fall, when the weather in the city is absolutely perfect.