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Ripping Off Childhood Favorites


Recently I’ve been spending a little too much time at my local CVS. Whether I’m filling an Rx, stocking up on 2 for 1 cans of chicken noodle soup or buying toilet paper, I could spend hours roaming the aisles looking at all the “As Seen On TV” offerings and discounted holiday supplies.

However, like the way too early holiday displays, I saw an item there that really busted my buttons. A ripoff of the dearly beloved, totally skillless, Hasbro children’s game Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

WTF! Is nothing sacred anymore? In the ripoff, titled Hungry Dog, the pups don’t have that marble crazy look in their eyes like the hippos.  And the very name of the game with only one “hungry” gives their sub-par dedication to manic marble chomping away.

So my advice to parents is don’t deprive your kids of the real-deal when it comes to classic kids games.  Spend the extra $2 bucks and buy the original.