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We Love Music: Interpol @ DAR Constitution Hall 11/3/10

Photo by author.

Well, wasn’t this just about the biggest disappointment of the year?*

Interpol have returned after a several year hiatus with a mediocre fourth album and a new bass player. They performed at DAR Constitution Hall on Wednesday night to a 3/4 full house. Their performance was a lame mess of disjointed sonic elements that was either a symptom of hiatus rust or a band resting on its laurels. I fear it was a combination of both.

I don’t even know where to begin describing this one. Interpol used to be an amazing band and I saw them perform plenty in their prime. Ever since their junior album though, something has just not been clicking. I believe Carlos D felt that too and that is why their identifiable bass player quit to work on ‘other artistic projects’. His departure is not the reason for Interpol sucking these days though. The reason Interpol have devolved from a band that danced along the edge of passion and numbness brilliantly into a bloated, boring act seems to be disinterested members and a lack of general harmony among its musical parts.

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