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Die, Plant, Die!

Photo courtesy of
’126/365 pulled out by the roots’
courtesy of ‘Gibsonclaire’

Apparently there are some violent greenies in Arlington. On two Saturdays and two Sundays every month, people meet in various county spots to take out their frustrations by ripping plants out of the ground. Who knew?

Whether these folks are frustrated by a long work week or by invasive plants taking over the area is for only them to know. But the invasives certainly get the raw end of the deal. And once they’re gone and native plants grow in their place, harmony returns, and the local birds and bees and box turtles have something good to eat again.

You can join RIP (Remove Invasive Plants) the second and third weekends of the month – and be like this smiling volunteer, who explains why squelching the invaders makes him so happy.