Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: Sanity Edition

you call this "sanity?"
courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

Hey, did you hear we had some guests this weekend? Roughly a quarter of a million of them, in fact. A lot of you took photos of them. Good lord, did you take a lot of photos of them. Click on through for an extra special super-duper-sized edition of your Weekend Flashback: Rally For Sanity edition.

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Stewart’s Rally for Sanity Causes Crowd Size Insanity

Rall for Sanity
Photos courtesy of Author

60,000 people were expected, according to the permit filed with the NPS by Comedy Central, yet 150,000 were planned for when it came to the uber-important decision as to how many portable toilets were needed. Jon Stewart started out the rally with his satirical people count swag of 10,000,000. But how many people really were there? Well, you knew this was coming and we’ve only seen the beginning of the insanity over the sanity. Rough estimates from various sources say somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000 people were in attendance for the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Saturday afternoon. Check out this crowd pic. If those numbers are accurate, however, it puts the rally size right around the same size as the Glenn Beck Rally to Restore Honor from a few months ago. Allow the great debate to begin. Who’s more popular? Stewart or Beck? Honor or Sanity?

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