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DC To Get A Waffle House, Courtesy of Fred Smoot?

Photo courtesy of
‘The Old Waffle Shop’

courtesy of ‘Penelope700’

Former Redskins cornerback, Fred Smoot, loves DC. Despite his current free agent status, the footballer hearts our city and has developed a deep connection to the fans and DCers, he’s met during his tenure on the Deadskins’ roster.

Although his player status for the 2010 season is still very much up in the air, Smoot told Kevin and Rock on 106.7’s The Fan that no matter what he plans to keep his connections to the area by opening up D.C.’s first ever Waffle House. During the weekly radio show, Smoot stated, “I’m actually in the process of starting a couple businesses up here. I’m bringing Waffle House to D.C. — I think they’ve been yearning for it for a long time. My first location is right off 14th and U.”

Of course, Smoot’s plan will not only bring the deliciousness of tasty waffles to the area and meet the heavy demand for the breakfast item, but will also revive the long lived syrup vs. gravy debate that this September saw syrup take the prize. Perhaps it’s time for a rematch?