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Capital Chefs’ Favorite Kitchen Gadgets (2nd Edition)

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‘kitchen @ America Eats, Washington DC’
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It’s been a while since we’ve talked about what kitchen appliances and tools the Capital Chefs are chatting about these days. Click through to find out what kitchen gadgets DC chefs just can’t do without. But before you do, I must credit many websites like, because this list is based off of them.

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Capital Chefs Reveal their Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

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‘Evening Star #15’
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For weeks now, I’ve been bringing you Capital Chefs interviews. But there’s been something I’ve been holding back and hiding. There’s one question I ask in every interview that I started asking just out of personal curiosity. The question: “What’s the one tool or gadget in your kitchen you can’t live without?”

Some answers are unusual, some may inspire you and maybe a few will make you want to read more of our favorite design blog. If you’re a food nerd like me, you’ll be itching to run to Sur la Table when you’re done reading.

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