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Featured Photo

Anyone with a cat could tell you that big or small they’re all the same. While often temperamental they can be fiercely loyal and loving as we can see in this wonderful photo by Mohamad H. These two female lions at the National Zoo, Shera and Nababiep, are clearly the best of friends. In the soft, diffused light you can see each individual whisker and the fluffy white fur under the chin. Even the spots on the hind legs are visible. Don’t you just want to jump in there and snuggle with them? No? Zoos aren’t exactly a natural habitat for animals but it’s still possible to capture a natural behavior if you have patience and a good eye. Well done, Mohamad.

Adams Morgan, The Daily Feed

Deer Takes On Lions at the National Zoo

Photo courtesy of
‘Wild DC – O Hai! – 6-12-09’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

You can’t make this stuff up. A deer, a resident of Rock Creek Park, made a very unwise decision on Sunday. This poor deer decided to take one small step for deer…and one giant leap for deerkind – right into the lion exhibit at the National Zoo. Merry Christmas to the two female lions that quickly became interested in their new dinner menu. But WAIT – not so fast. This little deer is a survivor. NBC 4 has the full story here.

According to the article, the whole ordeal took about 45 minutes and ended up with the staff at the Zoo rescuing the deer after its valiant fight to get away. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? How about video. Even better. You must watch this video of the deer escaping the female lions as a large crowd cheers on Bambi! This is seriously like watching the Discovery Channel’s footage of a lion attack in Africa. Must watch.

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Zorn’s Fate

Photo courtesy of
‘Jim Zorn’
courtesy of ‘Keith Allison’

Let’s face it: the 09 Redskins are abysmal. The play calling is bad, the team is vapid, and theoretically good players aren’t living up to their potential. Last year’s mediocre performance and the mess that this season is shaping up to be are leading many to call for the head of coach Jim Zorn. Many NFL analysts saw yesterdays game as being the deciding factor in Zorn’s fate. If he could stop the Lions and pull his team to 2-1, he might be able to salvage his career and hold out for at least another year. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. The Lions managed to snap their 19 game skid and beat the Skins 19-14. So what happens to Zorn, now? According to ESPN, nothing for the moment. In order to maintain continuity and the integrity of the play-calling, Zorn will likely keeping his job for at least the rest of the season. What his eventual fate is has yet to be seen. Personally, I’m shocked that the Skin’s leadership has decided to retain him. I can’t imagine he’ll be around next year. What are your thoughts?