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Got a Monkey on Your Back?

Lowland Gorilla by Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Nope, it’s actually a baby Lowland Gorilla.  The National Zoo’s newest addition to the Great Ape House, Kibibi, turned 6 months old today.  Awwwww.  She sure is a cute little primate isn’t she?  Apparently she behaves much like human babies do, crawling around her environment, putting everything she finds in her mouth.  According to the photo’s description:

“Kibibi’s favorite thing is exploring new flavors. In one week, she used her new teeth to try celery, ape chow, papaya, and chard, as well as less-palatable morsels like hay and bamboo.”

Ape chow, huh?  How do you like them bananas?