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She Loves DC: Megan Morrison

Lots of notable written works have their roots in Washington, DC: laws, newspapers, and Snuggie sex instruction manuals.

Wait, what?

You heard me, Snuggie. Sex. Instruction. Manual.

I recently had lunch downtown with Megan Morrison, a graphic designer and co-author of The Snuggie Sutra. While talking about trashy reality TV shows and life in Adams Morgan, she pulled out a copy of her new book (never leave home with out a Snuggie Sutra!) and showed me one of her favorite pages: the copyright info page.

Under the catalog information the book was listed under two categories: Sex Instruction first, and Blankets second. Morrison let out a laugh when she exclaimed how she never expected that she would graduate college and write a, “sex instruction” book. Her and her co-writer Lex Friedman don’t really take their guide to sex in fleece seriously, “It’s not a how-to guide, it’s supposed to be funny. We’re not Sex Therapists.” In fact the book and corresponding website started as a party joke.

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