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Amen, Ezra

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It won’t win him any points with Remy but it’s raised him up in my estimation. During his Post chat today, Ezra “all health care all the time” Klein fielded a question outside his normal beat: where to live in the area.

Adam – Zurich, Switzerland: A bit off topic, but maybe you could throw this in at the end of your chat session. My wife and I are moving to the DC area, where would you recommend living for an urban 30-something couple? If you had to choose between Clarendon, Rosslyn or Ballston, which would it be?

Ezra Klein: None of them! I recommend living in DC if you can, particularly the Mt. Pleasant or Columbia Heights area. Petworth is getting better fast, and it’s comparatively affordable, and some interesting stuff is happening down in the 5th and K area.

Kudos for the D.C. love, Ezra, and for encouraging newcomers to actually live in the city.