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Dueling Birds: A Nats v. Os Weekend

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We’ve got a beautiful weekend, save some scattered t-storms, shaping up for us and we’ve got a “Battle of the Beltways” series kicking off Friday night between the visiting Baltimore Orioles and our hometown Nationals. You’ve got three opportunities to catch the match up this weekend, and it’s sure to be great time with the stadium pack with fans from both sides.

While neither team is at the top of their divisions, both come packed with longtime crowd favorites like Nick Markakis, B-Rob, Zimmer-sapien and Christian Guz-sapien, who are sure to make the game competitive and entertaining.

What I’m really looking forward to is Screech and the Bird strolling around the stadium and taunting each other Phillie Phanatic style. Obviously, sans taser.  I’m assuming both birds will join the Presidents in the 4th inning race, where of course some antics will ensue between the two avians to prevent Teddy from winning. Alas poor Teddy, I wanted him to win.

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Get Your Paws On Nationals Opening Day Tickets While You Can

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Want in on all the awesome glory that IS baseball’s Opening Day? The party starts on Monday April 5th but you need a ticket to get in.

You can secure your seat in Nationals Park for opening day NOW if you choose to purchase one of the multi-game Grand Slam Flex Plan ticketing packages. Whichever package you choose guarantees tickets to Opening Day against our division rivals — the Philadelphia Phillies. Go get ’em while you still can!