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If It Fits, You Must Visit

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In an agreement finalized today, the Newseum acquired the suit, tie and shirt that O.J. Simpson wore on October 3, 1995, the day he was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The clothing items, which were originally offer to and declined by the Smithsonian Institution, have been at the center of a legal dispute between Mr. Goldman’s father and Mr. Simpson’s former manager.

No word yet on when the items will be on display.

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Smithsonian Kills O. J. Donation

O.J. Simpson by Project M·A·R·C

Here is yet another reason to love DC – the Smithsonian Museum has rejected the suit that O. J. Simpson wore in court when he was acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Apparently there was a legal fight as to who should own the suit, but all parties settled on donating it to the Smithsonian because, you know, something that stands for such a proud day in American history should be on display next to Archie Bunker’s chair and the Hope Diamond.

Way to make the right call, Smithsonian.