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Stand Up and Be Counted!

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‘Immigration March I’
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The Washington Post just ran an article about a campaign to spread the word that everyone living in America should complete a Census form.  With the 2010 Census kicking off in a few short months, efforts are underway to educate minority populations (particularly Latinos who may be here illegally) that completing a Census form does not put one at risk of being deported.  Census workers take a vow of confidentiality and will not report people living here illegally to immigration officials.

Filling out a Census form is very important– it’s the one time every ten years that the government gets an accurate idea of the population of the country, and it can affect everything from congressional representation to state funding allocations.  So consider this a public service announcement: when you get your form next April, fill it out and send it back, regardless of your legal status.  The more DC residents that respond, the more funding the city will get for community services and facilities that we all use.