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Mason Neck May Close to Public

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Mason Neck State Park, known as a good place to see bald eagles, is one of five state parks that may close this summer due to budget cuts. Set along the Potomac in Fairfax County, Mason Neck is also a heron rookery and home to ducks and tundra swans. It has several miles of trails in the woods and near wetlands.

There are other more-serious cuts proposed too, including furloughs for state workers and slashes to education and health and human services, reports The Post in local news. But if you’re a fan of Mason Neck, pay a visit soon, as the park may close as early as this spring.

The Daily Feed, We Green DC

“Glamping”? Oh, Come On.

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Did you see this in today’s Express — that you can go glamorous camping, or “glamping” in Maryland?

Here’s how it works. If you want to go camping but are simply too lame to set up your own campsite, you can pay the fine folks at Montgomery County’s Little Bennett Regional Park to do it for you.

For “Camper Ready Camping,” (no hyphen included) they will prepare for you a tent, a stove, a lantern, and two chairs for your pampered behind. (Note that it’s a four-person tent, so either you’ll have lots of room, or two of you will be parking your butts on logs where they belong.)
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